Paston College Social Space

Provision of social space

This project includes the renovation of an existing office building into an open plan social space, teaching space and offices. The proposal also replaces the existing lean-to structure connecting to the existing early 18th Century, Grade II listed building. The internal arrangement has been designed to allow good circulation while still maintaining some areas where quiet contemplation can take place.

The design for this building has been developed taking influence from the existing buildings within the area but incorporating more modern, sustainable materials. The timber boarding has been selected to help create a more natural appeal to the building and the courtyard which previously mainly consisted of dense brickwork and dull concrete. The roof has been specified as a standing seam metal roof which gives the building a more modern appearance, contrasting with the surrounding buildings, ensuring it is interpreted as a separate entity and not as a reproduction of previous styles.

Although a reasonably small building, differing ceiling levels and glazing creates a positive connection between internal and external spaces.


Paston Logo 2

Project associate:

Steven Drake

Main contractor:

H Smith & Sons (Honingham) Ltd.

Project value: