Paston College Theatre and Arts Building

Paston Theatre and Arts Building

Redevelopment of existing 1930’s building, updating and remodeling the arts classrooms, theatre classrooms and photography room. Contemporary extensions added to the entrances of both sections of the building. Clearly defining the entrances to both departments. The design and regeneration was required to bring the facilities to the high standard defined by the teaching staff within the college.

An internal atrium was also created, by removing the existing first floor and an existing storage room, therefore creating a vertical void which has been used to display student’s art work and to also create a sense of vertical space and openness.

The contractor and the design team worked closely to ensure all aspects of the project were planned and executed to a very high standard. 

Project associates:

Steven Drake
Jerry Raven MCIAT

Main Contractor:

Draper and Nichols Ltd

Project Value:



Andrew Morton Associates Ltd
Canham Consulting
Adrian Forder Associates Ltd
Andrew Holmes
ACT Consultant Services