Paston Sixth Form College Science Block

Paston Science Block

Redevelopment of, and atrium extension to, the existing Science and Sports building within the Lawns site of Paston Sixth Form College. This proposal included the replacement of the existing Laboratories, improvements to the layout, renovation of the existing changing rooms and the addition of the atrium and walkway along the front façade of the building, creating a focal point within the lawn area. The proposal intended to encapsulate the progressive ideas of the science department and to improve the facilities within the building, allowing an already highly achieving department to progress further. The building has been well received by the college and students alike and further to recently receiving the Craftsmanship award, awarded by the Norfolk Association of Architects, it is apparent that this building is also highly regarded within the local architectural community.

This complex building, with its 7.5m high atrium set out on a parabolic plan was completed within only 22 weeks. This building has therefore become a precedent of how much can be achieved, when a committed and enthusiastic contractor and design team is employed.

Project associates:

Steven Drake

Jerry Raven MCIAT

Main contractor:

Draper & Nichols Ltd.

Project value:


Agents (consultants etc):

Andrew Morton Associates Ltd.
Canham Consulting

Link to an article in the Paston College Newsletter.


The Norfolk Association of Architects has awarded their Craftsmanship Award to SMG for our work on the Science Block project.